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Quickest Way to Increase Your Smartphone's Internal Memory By Yourself Immediately (HTC Explorer)

Smartphones are the mobile devices that rapidly gaining popularity in the mobile phone world. Now everyone's wants to have smartphone in his pocket. But no one can afford expensive luxurious smartphones. However, thanks to Samsung and HTC they made such an affordable, durable smartphone for average persons (e.g. Samsung Galaxy Pocket, Samsung Galaxy Y, HTC Explorer, HTC Wildfire).

Smartphones are basically designed for multitasking which cost lots of internal memory and RAM. Unfortunately, these smartphones have below average internal memory and RAM because of their cheap price. But, don't worry!!!... I have a really good news for that you can easily increase your smartphones internal memory by yourself in just minutes. Let's see how:

Hardware Required:
  • Smartphone (HTC Explorer, etc)
  • Memory Card / SD Card (Minimum 2 GB)
  • Card Reader (If you don't have you can use your old phone like I used my Nokia N95 as card reader :)
  • USB Cable of Your Smartphone
Software Required:
  • Link2SD for Android  (Click here to get it from Google Play)
  • MiniTool Partition Wizard (Click here to get if from its Official Website)

 Trick is Here!!!!
  • Put Your Memory card into Card Reader (I don't have Card Reader and I used my Nokia N95 for it)
  • Install MiniTool on Your PC 
  • After Installation Open MiniTool and see the section like in situation is Disk 2 which is probably for yours too.

Warning: Before doing anything else first backup everything from your mobile which I didn't by mistake :( and lost my data.

  • Select Disk 2 and Hit Delete button which is toolbar right after Menu Bar.
  • Right Click on this deleted disk and select Create option
  • Select FAT32 for File-system, Label your partition name with any name your like which will be your SD card partition for mobile.
  • Type the 1024 MB for your Partition size (But I'm not forcing you can use any size under 1024 you like for your SD card or External Memory)
  • Hit OK button
Now it's time for creating partition for internal memory:
  • Select the remaining RAW partition in section Disk 2
  • Right click on it and select Create Option
  • Select Ext2 for File-system, Don't need to Label this time
  • No need to select Partition size 
  • Hit OK button
Remember, if you forget to backup your memory card you still have a chance to backup. Now finally,  you can press Apply button which is at very left in the toolbar. Now it will start processing for creating these partition.

After this process then your headache of getting message of "Low Internal Memory" is also removed :)

Now some last steps:
  • Turn off the smartphone, Put this SD card in your smartphone, and turn it on again
  • Install Link2SD 
  • After Installation open Link2SD it will prompt for secondary partition which you can now use as extra internal memory
  • Select Ext2 radio-button and click OK
  • It will again prompt you to Restart your mobile. 
  • After Restart, Now you've successfully increased internal memory of your smartphone.

Great! happy playing with your smartphone.

To get the most of your after increasing your internal memory check out these most important tutorial. Because before following this process I've rooted my smartphone. Also unlocked the HTC boot-loader and installed SuperUser app for android.

  • How to Root Your HTC Explorer
  • How to Unloader Boot-loader of your HTC Explorer Very Easy!!!
  • Install SuperUser App and Be a Hero your Smartphone

28 Responses so far.

  1. jireh says:

    im tryin this trick right now. hoping that this will work :)

  2. jireh says:

    hey i was not able to find the remainingh RAW. will it work without it?

  3. will it delete my whole sd card?? how much internal memo will i get after this process in my htc explorer???

  4. My cell not Able To detect my memory card after doin dis stuff :'(

  5. Restarting ur phone really works for HTC explorer!! Had 20mb now its 85mb! :) export ur contacts to ur sd card...remove ur sd card n go to settings, storage n then the last option i.e. factory reset...den ur phone reboots n switches on n voila! :) u will lose apps u have downloaded but u can always download them again! :) n don forget to import ur contacts!

  6. Rohan says:

    Hey guys pls help me.My memory card is not getting detected even after restarting my cell.but it is getting detected by the card reader.pls help.

  7. Rohan says:

    guys i got it while selecting partition for internal memory select file type as FAT32 and make type primary instead of logical.restart ur cell n it should work fine.

  8. Deepa says:

    what the f!@$
    my phone is not reading the memory card now!

  9. @Deepa @Rohan suggested the good solution for you to get your memory card readable again by phone.

    Did you restart your cell phone???

  10. I installed minipartition tool and did the partition after that i deleted my partition by mistake, now my sd on fone shows unavailable plz help

  11. jiten says:

    my htc explorer is not rooted this trick working for me???

  12. Manmohan says:

    Can this trick work without rooting the phone?

  13. @jiten @Manmohan you should root your android phone first

  14. Connect your phone via data cable with computer and format it your phone will then detect your SD card..

  15. gokul sp says:

    i did d partition b4 doing d rooting n due to dat i waznt able to use my 1gb memory of my sd card...nw i hav rooted my htc explorer bt still m nt geting dat 1gb ...plz help me out

  16. my htc explorer is not rooted this trick working for me......
    After all steps when i open and select ex2 for second partition ..
    It shows message "Link2SD could not obtain root acess............"
    Please tell me about this

  17. babar ali says:

    my htc explorer is not supporting sd card but when i remove sd card from port then he shows the messeg "sd card is removed".

  18. i cannot used link2sd on htc explorer runing ics-4.0.4...pls help me

  19. My explorer show no sd card found, what can i do, please help me....

  20. Pls tell me the process of increasing storage of my htc explorer from 0 step

  21. How Can I Root my HTC mobile? please tell me brefly..

  22. cool says:

    for those whose sd card is not detected
    select "primary" while choosing "create as"

  23. hey guys dont panic .........i have a solution for memory card i used same trick 1 year ago and my memory card was un readable ......and the fucking thing is that its 8 gb memory card .......i tried a lot tried different things but nothing hepled me .........BUT THEN I BOUGHT A LOCAL MEMORY CARD READER AND U KNOW IT WORKED ......AND MY DATA WAS THERE AS IT IS IN CARD ......I BUCK UP ALL DATA ....FORMATTED SD CARD ........AND SHWEEEEEEE........I GOT MY MEMORY CARD BACK AGAIN........BUY ANY LOCAL BAD QUALITY CARD READER THIS LL HELP U TO READ UR SD CARD AGAIN

  24. my htc explorer cannot detect ext2 file what i should do

  25. my htc explorer cannot detect ext2 file what i should do
    showing not allowed to su

  26. Great info. I like all your post., I really enjoyed, I would like get more information about this, because is very beautiful, thanks for sharing
    Samsung Laptops

  27. Abi Nandh says:

    my sd card is not detected by htc explorer

  28. This is an informative post review. I am so pleased to get this post article. I was looking forward to get such a post which is very helpful to us.!! recording app

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