Friday, September 21, 2012

Total Recall A Good Auto Call Recorder for Symbian But for Android Completely Opposite Experience…


Total Recall a Good Auto Call Recorder for Symbian but for Android Completely Opposite Experience

Yes, no doubt Total Recall is the best auto call recorder for symbian mobile phones and I have used this software for a long time on my Nokia N95, and I would recommend anyone who uses symbian phone and wants to have a call recording software then they must have to try Total Recall on their mobiles phone. Unfortunately, when I switched to Android smartphone then I got a really bad experience. Read on and I learn why I don't recommend this App for android phones.

Total Recall is well-known software for Symbian phones, due the popularity of this software on Symbian phones I give it try to my android phone, but It didn't recorded even a single call and keep crash, and turned to be a big headache to use my smartphone. So, after few weeks of testing I un-installed this App and again start searching for new reliable App for Android HTC Explorer.

Fortunately, I found a really good App for my HTC Explorer for call recording is Auto Call Recorder Pro, which can able to auto call record, and didn't crashed even I single time. So, its worth to get this app if you want to have a call recording feature for your android smartphone.

Download Auto Call Recorder for Free

Saturday, September 8, 2012

How to Root Your HTC Explorer


To get the most of your mobile you must have to Root your phone, or if you want to be an administrator user of your mobile like in Windows Operating system, then you must have to root your phone. Below I’m showing you the method I have used to root, and also listed the successful method that worked for me.

Necessary Steps Required Before rooting:

  • Download & Install HTC Sync from Official source
  • Unlock your phone’s Bootloader (Click Here for complete steps)
  • Add Recovery

1. Install Root/Un-Root Android App

I have seen lots of apps by using them you can easily root your phone inside your android OS, by searching I had found an application Z4Root. I installed this app and tried to root from this app but when I run it took the rooting process to forever. I restart my phone and tried again but similar results, I delete this app which wasted my time. If you know any that worked for you please write in comments.


2. Method that Worked for me

  • Install Superuser App:
    • First download this app zip from AndroidSU
    • Now place this zip file into your MicroSD card
    • Press “Volume Down” + “Power Button” this will show up the HTC bootloader unlocked screen (I supposed you’ve already unlocked HTC bootloader)
    • Now navigate in the bootloader menu use Volume down for one move down, Volume Up for one move up, Power button to select option.
    • Go into Recovery Mode
    • Select Install zip from MicroSD and select the zip file that you’ve put in the microSD


Now you’ve rooted your phone, now you're not bound to any permissions.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Quickest Way to Increase Your Smartphone's Internal Memory By Yourself Immediately (HTC Explorer)

Smartphones are the mobile devices that rapidly gaining popularity in the mobile phone world. Now everyone's wants to have smartphone in his pocket. But no one can afford expensive luxurious smartphones. However, thanks to Samsung and HTC they made such an affordable, durable smartphone for average persons (e.g. Samsung Galaxy Pocket, Samsung Galaxy Y, HTC Explorer, HTC Wildfire).

Smartphones are basically designed for multitasking which cost lots of internal memory and RAM. Unfortunately, these smartphones have below average internal memory and RAM because of their cheap price. But, don't worry!!!... I have a really good news for that you can easily increase your smartphones internal memory by yourself in just minutes. Let's see how:

Hardware Required:
  • Smartphone (HTC Explorer, etc)
  • Memory Card / SD Card (Minimum 2 GB)
  • Card Reader (If you don't have you can use your old phone like I used my Nokia N95 as card reader :)
  • USB Cable of Your Smartphone
Software Required:
  • Link2SD for Android  (Click here to get it from Google Play)
  • MiniTool Partition Wizard (Click here to get if from its Official Website)

 Trick is Here!!!!
  • Put Your Memory card into Card Reader (I don't have Card Reader and I used my Nokia N95 for it)
  • Install MiniTool on Your PC 
  • After Installation Open MiniTool and see the section like in situation is Disk 2 which is probably for yours too.

Warning: Before doing anything else first backup everything from your mobile which I didn't by mistake :( and lost my data.

  • Select Disk 2 and Hit Delete button which is toolbar right after Menu Bar.
  • Right Click on this deleted disk and select Create option
  • Select FAT32 for File-system, Label your partition name with any name your like which will be your SD card partition for mobile.
  • Type the 1024 MB for your Partition size (But I'm not forcing you can use any size under 1024 you like for your SD card or External Memory)
  • Hit OK button
Now it's time for creating partition for internal memory:
  • Select the remaining RAW partition in section Disk 2
  • Right click on it and select Create Option
  • Select Ext2 for File-system, Don't need to Label this time
  • No need to select Partition size 
  • Hit OK button
Remember, if you forget to backup your memory card you still have a chance to backup. Now finally,  you can press Apply button which is at very left in the toolbar. Now it will start processing for creating these partition.

After this process then your headache of getting message of "Low Internal Memory" is also removed :)

Now some last steps:
  • Turn off the smartphone, Put this SD card in your smartphone, and turn it on again
  • Install Link2SD 
  • After Installation open Link2SD it will prompt for secondary partition which you can now use as extra internal memory
  • Select Ext2 radio-button and click OK
  • It will again prompt you to Restart your mobile. 
  • After Restart, Now you've successfully increased internal memory of your smartphone.

Great! happy playing with your smartphone.

To get the most of your after increasing your internal memory check out these most important tutorial. Because before following this process I've rooted my smartphone. Also unlocked the HTC boot-loader and installed SuperUser app for android.

  • How to Root Your HTC Explorer
  • How to Unloader Boot-loader of your HTC Explorer Very Easy!!!
  • Install SuperUser App and Be a Hero your Smartphone
Monday, September 3, 2012

HTC Explorer - Why A New Smartphone User Must-Have to Buy This Phone?

As everyone knows that currently smartphones has got record breaking popularity in this world. However, most people think that the smartphones are the phones that they can't afford. But don't worry about that because thanks to Samsung and HTC. They have made such a cheap and most durable smartphones for those who are thinking smartphones are what they can't afford.

I have found HTC Explorer is the cheapest, most good looking and durable smartphone which is available under $150.

Now you can give a first try by getting an HTC Explorer, and get the real experience of smartphones. I also recommend that if you're new to smartphones then not to buy an expensive smartphone yet because if you did that, or while using if by mistake you did something wrong that can make your smartphone an expensive paperweight.

So, by buying HTC Explorer you don't really have to worry about the price and play with and then when you think you can easily able to use smartphones, and got every single trick of android phones to keep it working safely. Then you can decide to buy an expensive smartphone.

Buying an expensive smartphone is useless if you don't know how the smartphones features work and how these features can help you. So, first buy a cheap and durable smartphone. I recommend HTC Explorer (because of my experience).

Let's buy an HTC Explorer and get the real experience of smartphones in really cheap price.


Wow! I Received My First Smartphone HTC Explorer and then a Big Problem in Few Days...

On July September 2012, I recycled my old Nokia N95 and said bye bye to my Symbian OS, and switched to Android, which is going to be a most popular OS for Smartphones. Glad, I was really happy to have touch phone for the first time. So, what I did as most phone users does downloading powerful free apps and games. So, I did exactly that and then and I got into a big problem.

On the first day, I just start downloading games, and free apps. While searching online I found that to get the most of your android smartphone you must have to 'Root' your phone. So, I just searching for what 'Root' is.

While searching about 'Rooting'found that rooting is like make you an 'Administrator' user of your mobile, e.g Like Administrator user of Windows Operating System of your PC. It means after you did that you can able to do everything with your mobile.

Finally, I successfully did 'Rooting' my mobile. Some forum recommends some powerful apps that you can use after rooting your mobile. Like, Titanium backup pro, Link2SD (to move any app to SD card to free up your internal memory as much possible).

Unfortunately my phone was filled with full of app & games, and internal memory was too low. Now, I'm going to tell you about what bad thing happened to me after rooting.

So, I decided to factory reset my phone, because I think no apps is valuable for me however, I backed up some apps that I really need. I went to Settings > Storage > Factory data reset  and then my phone was hanged, and after long time when its stuck to white screen and green HTC logo. I tried to restart the phone and no luck, and then HTC phone screen stuck to white screen completely.

How many of you has similar problem of HTC stuck green logo on white screen, we also called this problem HTC Stuck on boot screen.

For about today I had this problem, But I googled and solved got back my phone working again. Please check about my next post below:

1. Unlock HTC bootloader
2. How to Root Your Phone.

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